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Why Hire an Indigenous Business?

Hiring an Indigenous business in Canada has numerous benefits both for the business and for our country. One of the most significant benefits is that it supports economic development in Indigenous communities, which have historically been marginalized and underserved. By hiring an Indigenous business, companies are helping to create jobs and promote entrepreneurship in these communities, which in turn will lead to greater economic self-sufficiency and independence. This becomes a positive ripple effect as individuals and families gain greater financial stability and reinvest in their communities.

  • The true measure of a nation's greatness is how it treats its most vulnerable members. Let us strive to create a Canada where Indigenous peoples are empowered, respected, and afforded equal opportunities.
    Rod Stagg, Founder

promote greater understanding and respect

Through support of Indigenous business you promote a greater understanding and respect for Indigenous peoples and their cultures.

By working with Indigenous businesses, companies gain a better understanding of Indigenous knowledge and practices and could incorporate these perspectives into their own work. This can help to build stronger relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples and promote greater cultural awareness and appreciation across Canada. By promoting cultural diversity and inclusion, companies are actively building a better Nation.

promote greater sustainability and environmental stewardship

Many Indigenous businesses have deep connections to the land and are committed to sustainable practices.

By working with these businesses, companies learn from their knowledge and practices, and can incorporate sustainability into their own operations. This helps to promote a more sustainable future for Canada, which is a key part of reconciliation and fulfilling the Federal Government’s 94 calls to action . By supporting Indigenous businesses, companies become part of the healing by creating a brighter future for all Canadians.

more equitable and just society for all Canadians

You already recognize and value the contributions of Indigenous businesses, now you can make a difference by hiring an Indigenous business.

Working with an Indigenous businesses will create a more equitable and just society for all Canadians.

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