The backbone of Indigenous business

Indigenous Incubator Inc.

Stakeholders & Champions

Every business has them and we need them.

Stakeholders and champions exist for every business but are particularly important for Indigenous businesses and as such serve as the backbone of Indigenous Incubator Inc.

  • Indigenous cultures are not just a part of Canada's past; they are an integral part of its present and future. Embrace their wisdom, honor their traditions, and work together to build a better tomorrow.
    Rod Stagg, Founder


Stakeholders are essential in any business venture, including an Indigenous Incubator.

These are individuals or groups who believe in the success of the Indigenous Incubator, such as corporations, government agencies, and the local community. Stakeholders can provide business opportunities, expertise, and connections to help the Incubator flourish.

They can also help to promote the Incubator's mission and values, which is especially important for an Indigenous Incubator that seeks to support and promote the interests of Indigenous peoples. By involving stakeholders in the Incubator's operations, the incubator can build a strong network of support that can help it to achieve its goals and have a positive impact on Canada.


Champions are another crucial element of an Indigenous Incubator. These are individuals who are passionate about the Indigenous Incubator's mission and actively work to promote its goals and values.

Champions can come from within the Indigenous community and from outside of it, but they share a commitment to advancing Indigenous entrepreneurship and innovation.

Champions can play many roles in the Incubator, from serving as mentors to providing business opportunities. They can also help to raise the profile of the Incubator by sharing its successes and promoting its services. By cultivating a strong network of champions, the incubator can create a powerful force for change that can help to overcome the many challenges faced by Indigenous entrepreneurs and innovators.

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