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The introduction of the Indigenous Incubator is a momentous occasion for Indigenous peoples across Canada.

This initiative represents a critical step towards promoting economic development and self-determination within Indigenous communities. The Indigenous Incubator has been specifically designed to help Indigenous entrepreneurs and youth to learn important business skills and trades that can be leveraged for economic success. This is a powerful tool that will help to empower Indigenous peoples and promote greater independence.

For many Baby Boomer business owners, the Indigenous Incubator represents an opportunity to successfully sell their business to the Indigenous Incubator while transferring their knowledge and expertise to the next generation of Indigenous workers. The incubator provides a structured environment for Baby Boomers to share their insights and wisdom with Indigenous youth, while the Indigenous Incubator provides support and resources for young Indigenous entrepreneurs to develop their own business talents. This transfer of knowledge and expertise is critical to ensuring the long-term sustainability of Indigenous businesses and promoting greater economic success for Indigenous communities.

The Indigenous Incubator also helps to address some of the unique challenges that Indigenous youth face when entering the workforce. For many Indigenous youth, there may be limited access to formal education or job opportunities, which can limit their prospects for economic success. The Indigenous Incubator provides an alternative pathway for Indigenous youth to gain valuable skills and knowledge that can be leveraged to the opportunity to own the business in which they work or pursue other economic opportunities.

Ultimately, our goal is for the Indigenous Incubator to be a source of great pride for Indigenous peoples across Canada. This initiative represents a powerful tool for economic development and empowerment and helps to promote greater self-determination for Indigenous peoples. By providing Indigenous youth with the skills and resources they need to succeed, the Indigenous Incubator is helping to build a brighter future for all of Canada.

40 Years in the Making

In 1985, Rod found himself immersed in the transformative experience of the Incubator. As a young Indigenous youth, he was granted a rare opportunity by George Kuss, who sought retirement from his mechanical business. George took Rod under his wing, becoming a mentor and guiding him through the intricacies of business management, with the ultimate goal of passing on the ownership of the company.

Over the next two decades, Rod's dedication and entrepreneurial spirit led him on a remarkable journey. In a fateful turn of events, he was invited to Ottawa by the Federal Government, where he played a pivotal role in rewriting the Procurement Strategy for Indigenous Business.

Harnessing his experience and expertise, Rod took this opportunity to reshape the PSAB program, ensuring that it became a catalyst for genuine growth and empowerment for Indigenous businesses across the nation. It was a momentous achievement and a true testament to his tireless efforts.

However, Rod's proudest moment was yet to come—the launch of the Indigenous Incubator. With unwavering passion, he envisioned a space where indigenous entrepreneurs could flourish, where dreams could take flight, and where barriers could be shattered!

The Indigenous Incubator was born, standing as a beacon of hope and a testament to Rod's relentless commitment to empower his community.

  • The Indigenous Incubator will be a place of learning, support, and empowerment for the Indigenous youth, and I am proud to see my dreams become reality.
    Rod Stagg, Founder

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